Gram Like a Brand

A weekend lock-in and bonus resources to help you start selling more with IG in 30 days

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Regina Anaejionu
Regina Anaejionu

An author and an outgoing introvert---here to serve you some epic help for your online brand.

My history is one of establishing multiple businesses (from cupcakes to graphic design), writing hundreds of articles (Entrepreneur.com, USAToday.com, and more), writing multiple books, and creating tons of fun courses and business content. I'm obsessed with doing everything I can to help you master new concepts, take action, and actually have fun learning all the small steps and big ideas that go into creating your profitable online brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the lock-in start?
The Gram Like a Brand Lock-In goes live on June 8, 2019, but we have multiple lessons and sessions unlocking before that. View GramLikeaBrand.com for the full details, please.
How long do I have access to the lock-in?
All the live training sessions (on June 8 + 9, 2019) will exists as replays in your dashboard. We will host them for at least one year after they are published, and if we ever decide to stop hosting them, we will give you advanced notice so that you can download them. This means: You don't ever have to lose access to the bonus lessons (on design), or training sessions, or templates shared. The only content that doesn't come with replays are the customized coaching sessions for Early Birds.
What is the refund policy for Gram Like a Brand.
Due to the live nature of these trainings, and the fact that our materials will be made downloadable to you, we do not offer refunds for Gram Like a Brand. Thank you.

This course is not open for enrollment.